Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Michael Gabriel and the Lost Wallet

Very recently after a Sick Stooges recording session, I woke up one morning and started piddling around before my first cup of coffee and realized that there was none. My girlfriend offered to go and get some and I went to grab my wallet, which I soon realized was not in the usual logical places. Sometimes I stash it pretty well, but it was beginning to dawn on me that it might not be in the house.

I soon became more and more concerned - and in short order Brenda started helping me look for it - behind dressers, under couches, in drawers - in the garage where I do a lot of writing because I can smoke there - and still nothing.

This really threatened to derail my day because I had an interview scheduled for a piece I was working on. Still - I pressed on with the interview but in the back of my mind was - THE WALLET. While there might not have been ready cash available, there was the problem of credit cards, my ID and various obvious other items. I checked my bank online for any activity. None - but still if it was lost and then stolen were the perps still asleep?

This was getting the bast of me. Meanwhile I was bleary from the beer from the night before and a bit prone to overreaction. I sent up a prayer - and I know I don't pray much - but I told the man upstairs that I needed help. I knew that trying to make a deal wouldn't work - like, "God I will stop drinking if you help me find my wallet," so just a humble, honest request.

Five minutes later the phone rang. Caller ID listed Michael Gabriel as the caller.

"I found your wallet, buddy," he said - and we made arrangements to meet so I could pick it up and I thanked him profusely. Michael drives a bread truck and found my wallet in the BiLo at the Beach parking lot in the very early morning.

Michael? Gabriel?

If God wanted to get my attention - he did. A guy with first and last names that represented archangels. Michael is referred to by some as the field commander in the army of God. Gabriel is known as God's messenger.

To me - this was one of the most humbling experiences I have experienced, like - "You asked for my help, Roger. I am always here and you know it. Remember that "I AM."

Angels drive bread trucks.


Chris said...

I love this.
When God calls, pick up the phone, He's got something to say.

myrtle beached whale said...

You only get 2 more wishes. How is that sobriety working out for you.