Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paws to the Rescue Benefit

Had a blast in Marion, though I was surprised to see that the turnout wasn't full-force for the Marion County Animal Shelter. But we're grateful to John Gallo for having us, and look forward to working with the Carolina Entertainment Complex again soon.

Above is the changed-up poster, as Abbey Road and Satisfaction pulled out at the last minute (who cares). We had fun with Gabbie Rae, Southern Blue and Sequoyah Prep School, nonetheless. Daughter Taylor is a fan of theirs now, and I am happy she came with us to the event.

Here's the TV spot, although not our current lineup in the pic:

Paws To The Rescue Concert for The Animal Shelter

Also here's Sick Stooges doing "Rock and Roll All Night." We're stealing your fans, Jonas Brothers!

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