Tuesday, November 4, 2008

X-Con World and Weekly Surge

I regret that I wasn't able to attend either day of X-Con World 2008 because of Sick Stooges gigs on the same days, but I certainly hope all went well for organizers and attendees.

The corresponding Weekly Surge piece was a bit daunting to produce at first because of the wealth of information provided to me, and the fact that I have been out of the comic scene (because I stupidly sold off my considerable collection in 1990 for financial reasons) made it hard to get a grip on what has been going on lately.

I need to thank organizers Robin Roberts (Palmetto Group), Steven Haines (Corsair Comics) and Chad Hudson (Apocalypse Comics) for participating and giving me a good deal to work with. Also I could not have completed this without some much needed perspective from friends Dave Slusher (that Eisner stuff was priceless) and Andre Pope (Nye's Pharmacy needed to stay in the piece).

Thanks Matt "Six" Bahr for participating in this issue's Working 4 A Living profile. That was fun.

And every time I am called on for a cover story, it is the guidance of Kent Kimes that never fails to steer me in the right direction.

Jeez - this sounds like I'm accepting a statue or something. (All of this is old news now.)

Anyhow - the whole process was fun and I'd like to find out how the inaugural X-Con World went.

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