Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After speaking with many players in the local radio market and one national expert - and then applying the seat of my pants to the chair, another cover story was delivered to Weekly Surge,
this one an attempt to sort out the changing radio landscape here - i.e. format changes, dial position moves and an impending frequency swap. We also gave a position-by-position rundown of what's on the dial in the Myrtle Beach market and looked at a new streaming multi-channel undertaking called radio.sc, which recently launched here.

I want to shout out to Scott Mann at WAVE 104.1 who was instrumental in helping me to understand the beehive of activity that is local radio and for taking the time to show me around.

Thanks also to Barry Brown and Mark McKinney at NextMedia, Ron Roberts at Mix 97.7, Matt Sedota of WEZV and Sean Ross of Edison Media Research for helping me to tie the whole thing together like the Dude's rug in "The Big Lebowski."

Kent Kimes is making me a better writer every time I work with him, and that is very much appreciated.

Click here to view the piece. I've got to remember to change the link next week when it goes into the archives.

Getting the hang of this blogging thing. Am I using too many hyper links?

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