Friday, May 9, 2008

Sick Stooges and Bike Week

This is the time we've been looking forward to. Roll 'em in and Sick Stooges will be there to rock you. Looking forward to three back-to-back shows this weekend: Still Smokin' in Surfside Beach, Celebrity Square at Broadway at the Beach - and House of Blues, opening for ZOSO.

Most Myrtle Beach bands strike while the iron's hot - and Bike Week (Cruisin' the Coast) is the time to get seen. I feel proud to be a part of this outfit, and more later about how we got together, etc.

Here's a shot of our kickass trailer.


brett yale said...

chameleon1Congratulations!! Whew!!Go Get Em,
Have a terrific time!, and take 1 minute to take a look around,and remember the moment. You are a great entertainer, and singer....
I wish I could see it!
"Chrome wont get you home mutherf*&^%$".

brett yale said...

download some songs.
brettosbabble is my blog.